If you own or rent a villa, you’ll be keen to keep it safe and in good condition. After all, you don’t want it to become a haunted manor! That means proper maintenance is crucial, especially if you are planning to stay at it for a week or more. If you are looking for a villa for rent in Dubai, here are some tips to keep it looking good and fresh:

Maintenance of a villa:

As a landlord, keeping a villa in top condition is crucial for you and your guests. Guests will first notice the exteriors of the house, and they’ll look for areas where they can relax. Keeping your lawn and exteriors well-maintained is key to getting a positive review from your guests.

Maintaining a garden:

While garden maintenance is a worthwhile investment, it can also be expensive. Some projects are too complex or require specialized skills, and others simply require more time. In such cases, it may be worth hiring a professional to keep the garden in good condition. The cost of gardening services can also increase if you live in an area with a difficult climate or a large number of mature trees.

Maintaining a pond:

Regular cleaning of the pond is an essential part of the maintenance process. Many people overlook this step, assuming that the pond will clean itself. The truth is that your pond needs regular cleaning to remain habitable for fish and other wildlife. Waiting too long to clean your pond can result in more work and increased costs.

Maintaining a pool:

One of the major expenses that homeowners face when owning a villa with a swimming pool is upkeep. Pools can be costly to maintain, with recurring costs of chemicals and cleaning equipment amounting to about Dh 800 a year. On top of that, homeowners are also likely to have to pay for the weekly pool maintenance, including skimming the water and vacuuming filters. The cost can rise to more than Dh 5,000 per year if the pool requires major repairs.

Use a smart security system:

Installing a smart security system can protect your home from break-ins. These systems will send a message to the authorities when the alarm goes off. This way, you’ll be aware of the break-in before it happens. Some systems even use motion sensors to alert neighbors. Professional monitoring will also alert authorities in case of a medical emergency. But the biggest benefit of a smart home security system is the peace of mind that it offers.