Whether you want to take your DSLR or GoPro camera for the ultimate views, these are the things you must have. Comfortable headsets are also essential. But before you get going, here are some tips to make your helicopter ride in Dubai as memorable as possible. Before you go for a helicopter ride, you must know what to expect from the experience. Here are some tips to make the best out of it.

DSLR camera:

To capture the most dramatic shots, it’s essential to be prepared. Aside from bringing your camera, make sure you charge your batteries beforehand and carry extras. If you’re flying in an open cockpit helicopter, attaching the lens hood could risk being ripped off and hitting the tail rotor. Also, make sure your camera strap is tightly wrapped around your wrist. Also, be sure to lock the exposure compensation wheel to prevent it from being bumped during the flight.

GoPro camera:

GoPro cameras also provide 360-degree recording capabilities, allowing you to capture footage from all angles, even when you are in the cockpit. With the GoPro Max camera, you can record views from inside and outside the helicopter while keeping them perfectly exposed. Although using a GoPro VR camera may sound intimidating, it’s quite easy to record and edit videos using these cameras. GoPro makes it easy to use and capture your adventures on your GoPro.

Comfortable headsets:

When going for a helicopter ride, a good headset is essential. The high-pitched sound produced by a helicopter can be quite uncomfortable. Moreover, an open-door helicopter flight makes it even worse. Aside from this, you also need to communicate with your pilot, which means that you need to wear a headset that will cancel out your voice. The headset will also prevent you from letting other passengers hear your voice, so you’ll need to remove any dangling earrings.

For the best quality headsets, look for reliable cameras. These headsets are both wireless and offer excellent battery life. You’ll need to carry two AA batteries to operate them. They should fit snugly and not cause you any pain in your ears, cheeks, or jaw. They are durable and can last up to five years.