We’ll Manage PPC for your Ecommerce Shopify Site
  • We’ll help with your whole PPC campaign as well as your PPC ads.
  • We’ll design a landing page for clients to obtain information about products and services when they click on your PPC ad. The landing page helps you to pull clients in by attracting genuine customers to your eCommerce portal or website.
  • We provide ad extensions, optimization, PPC research, strategy, implementation, keywords and ad extensions, at the same time as reporting the results of your campaign.

The Fully Managed Shopify PPC Services We Provide

  • We know that you’re busy running your business, so we provide a fully managed PPC service at websiteXpress, taking care of your paid advertising while you take care of business.
  • Running a business can be very time-consuming, here at websiteXpress we acknowledge this and can offer you and your business a fully managed PPC service which takes care of all your paid advertising needs.

The Shopify PPC services we offer include

  • A full Shopify PPC audit of the website. This includes tracking implementation, technical set up, accuracy of the feeds and the quality of the landing page.
  • A complete keyword search for your Shopify store.
  • Total competitor research for your Shopify store.
  • Generation of ad copy and A/B testing to ascertain the best results.
  • Optimisation of Shopify landing page and A/B testing for the best results.
  • Bid optimisation at the level of keywords.
  • Campaign parameters adjusted, using factors such as device, location and day parting. This will optimise the campaign and generally achieve the most sales.

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The Shopify PPC services we offer include

Our experts have vast experience in creating targeted PPC campaigns. They will be a perfect fit for your business, combining product listing ads, display and search networks and remarketing.
  • Attract customers instantly

    Makes sales as quickly as possible

  • Improved search rankings

    Place near the top of the Google search results and appeal to customers

  • Increased conversions

    Turn more visitors to your website into paying customers

  • A better return on investment (ROI)

    Turn more visitorsSee the money you invest with us returned many times over

  • Full Control

    Manage the aspects of your Shopify site which matter to you

  • Greater visibility

    Be seen by the audiences you’re choosing to target

  • Location targeting

    Appear in the places that will help your business

  • Increased Site Traffic

    Bring more visitors to see exactly what you’ve got to offer

  • Compare your visibility on top products vs. your competitors

    See how you compare with the businesses offering the most competition

  • Perfect for e-commerces

    See how you compare with the businesses offering the most competition

  • Intelligent reporting & analytics at your fingertips

    Find out what works, what doesn’t and how your strategies are performing

  • Qualified Leads

    Leads which generate custom and income

What we offer to our clients

  • A return on their ad spend
  • Leads which cost less
  • Adverts which work better than
    they used to
  • More visitors to your site converted
    to customers
  • A navigating landing page which works smoothly

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We’re committed and flexible

We maintain complete flexibility by not relying on long term contacts. We work as a team to deliver every job to the best of our abilities, with total dedication and an eye for the right results.

Fantastic customer service

We always build a mutually productive long term relationship with our clients. We do this by working to deliver services and fantastic experiences.

We guarantee satisfaction

We know how good we are so we promise every client will be satisfied with the support we offer and the service we provide.

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